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by Dorthia Cottrell

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I See you wanna go Where the smoke goes I saw you watching the sky And God knows, aint nothing easy anywhere down here Don't Cry The sky is paper thin and we are heaven sent down in the graveyard tonight I see you empty child make your amends before the sun goes down And what makes you love it, more than you love yourself He doesn't know, that she won't be alone tonight Cuz girls like her never sleep far from the devil beneath the pale moonlight Got one hand on the trigger babe, and one hand on the other side
Gold 03:46
Hey my lover made of glass and skin Oh you promised me once I'd never cry again But I know, yea I know where ya been Hey my lover made of glass and skin Are you out in the alley where the blood is thin Cuz I know, Yea I know where ya been And is it cold in December when the devil calls You got your raspberry heartache and your alcohol Yea I know Yea I know where you've been Hey my lover made of ash and bone Oh you promised me twice I'd never be alone But I know Yea I know where you've been Hey my lover made of ash and bone I'm gonna break my heart here on this microphone Cuz I know Yea I know where ya been And is it cold in the hollow of the neon lights Sometimes a slave looks like an angel when you look at her right Yea I know Yea I know where ya been Hey my lover made of ash and tears Oh you promised me twice you'd never leave me here But I know, I know where ya been Hey my lover made of ash and tears I'm gonna meet you in the sky where the air is clear Cuz I know Yea I know where ya been
Oak Grove 03:07
Waitin in the tall grass are you gonna come home are you gonna stay? heard you had a child, he's bound to be a man like you some day are you gonna forgive are you gonna forgive or make me pay i was only tryin to do right for you man by stayin out the way god is not my problem god is not my problem and my flesh is weak i'm the kinda girl who needs a devil in a man to satisfy me easy in my backseat easy in my backseat im not tryin to grow old if you play fire then you're bound to get burned but i am so cold whiskey in my water blood is in the water gonna bring the sharks down and i don't give a damn about what happens to me now all my love's run out
Orphan Bird 03:58
Paved in bone, blessed are these highways that carry us home pale white eyes, like children we desperately reach for the sky singin, "everything dies but what then? everything dies but is that the end" My brother is your brother too teach her of shame show her love betray all her trust, teach her to love deep in that coma blue sky i saw my life passing me by feeling the fires recede and let that deep coma blue sky wash over me blessed be the highways that carry us on through the desert and into the sea well he picks all the roses that grow by the overpass and gathers them all round my feet there's no funeral lullaby, sad goodbye lullaby tune my daddy's prayin those 6 string prayers because even heaven sings the blues maybe all our skin will turn to dust baby all our skin will turn to dust and leave our hearts behind
Vessel 03:40
call me over, bring me down i can not go to sleep maybe if i'm honest with you you could lie to me often i have found myself a vessel to a heart softening the bones til i cannot stand but i cannot break apart sometimes i think of you like a day that has no wind like sunlight spread across out to the eastern horizon sometimes it feels like forever i have found the open jaw of the mermaid virgin queen tearing through the cavities to become both extremes easy come or easy go, the lungs of fate do heave and blow a dress of white to a dress of red to naked as can be chorus
I know whats comin has been comin for so long and maybe i'm tired of tryin to be so strong and maybe it's true maybe i'll just never be that take home kind of girl maybe it's true maybe i'm just hard up for that sun down kind of world but sometimes i can't tell sometimes i can't tell if it's just a slow ride to the angels or a long ride to hell and maybe it's true maybe i'm just a loaded gun but whats it to you you act like i'm the only one with nothing to lose with nothing to prove maybe it's true yea maybe it's true i dreamed of you dear covered in green surrounded by a daisy for every day we were 17 chorus i brushed your hair back away from your eyes i've never been too good at these long drawn out kinda goodbyes and maybe it's true yea maybe it's true
Moth 04:08
daughters of nine, wounds of my pride how the water is tempting the wreckage of love here is rage eye for an eye how we dance on in waltzes of queens i believe i have seen where her heart goes to die flutters like a moth to the light like moths to the light down in the waste out of touch from the hands of the gods we are lions awake in the dark hungry for life but the water is clearly all gone how we huddle and shiver like dogs like moths to the light chorus out in the fields where we bake in the cancerous sun what a view from the tops of the trees as i watch the fires burn on burn on
Kneeler 03:59
Heart of winter the battlefields rusty from the dog's blood cold is the dance of december how does it feel to be out on the waterfront for a change now that you know me by my first name god breathes out wish i would've known you when i was younger most of my candles burn down and there was no reason to suffer and i know you came unaware of the price just a helpless thing on the back of the tides annabelle lee will you carry your grandfather clock to the gallows on main street will you reveal your nature to me annabelle lee annabelle lee will you bury your prayers in your garden abandon your children will you replace your flowers with weeds annabelle lee
Rake 03:35
Perennial 03:53
Be still my heart you've got your father's eyes heavy with wonder, it's a good disguise it's a good disguise tell me that widow has turned into glass in the snow how cold is that winter that passes us by so slow how many bridges do you burn in your heart when it feels right when it feels right i crossed that river to babylon they told me those days had all come and gone remember the suns are all burnin red now flicker like a flashlight or a flame in the wind tell me those wolves have all scattered and run off from here how lonely is loving without any sense of the fear that waning white widow hangs loosely like smoke in my headlights when it feels right it was somebody's birthday, i slept on the beach i was humbled by the vastness and the distance i could see i guess when im older i will understand the passing of time is just a slight of hand
Song For You 03:54


This is an advance stream of Dorthia Cottrell's upcoming self-titled album, it is intended for promotional purposes only.

If you would like a download or any additional promo requests please contact,
baileys@grandstandhq.com or forcefieldrecords@gmail.com

Coming early 2015 on LP / CD / digital courtesy of Forcefield Records.


released March 1, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Deckelman at Snake Oil Recording Studio.
Kevin Inge on Lap Steel and Sitar.
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.
Thanks to my family, friends, and forcefield.


all rights reserved



Forcefield Records Richmond, Virginia

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