'Songs of Lament'

by Yautja

Blind by faith you dictate Someone's fate shaped by hate Not your voice not your choice Value life shun the knife Prove to me You're alive Rip you out Can't survive Cursed - to bring life to this Earth - filled with soulless eyes Worth - less than stone and dirt Work - to care and provide You think you saved a life? Breed regret Shackled Kill your young? Blasphemy No problem slaughtering Innocence overseas If we could see what they could be could cure disease In reality the ones you breed liars and thieves
despise my thoughts when i awake in discontent nothing is safe each step an earthquake bitter towards the blade of grass each sound an explosion jealous of the sand and ash solace found in slumber frantically trying to sleep at least i've found myself thankful; appalled
with a mouthful of crow, tell me more lay it on thick with that "new sound" have the time to tell it again? so callous as a friend never ceases to amaze and disgust revel in the moment, writhe in the year shed the skin, born anew stumble into sounds of lament scavenge, plunder, pretend so callous as a friend with eyes of green and forked tongue who have you become? though pained, my regrets are few in vain, my trust in you
every thought so convincing that I'm going to fall feeling for a likeness reaching through everything as you bask in this rapture more comfort than I and still a hand reaches blindly for naught swallowed as I sleep nothing to reach but the ash, like a home not a speck of hope glazed eyes all but shut less trivial than bleak silence; fear the sound of speak sound of speak Abandon Phantom pain Walls collapse Abandon Thoughts relapse Phantom pain I find solace in this misery
Harvesting men stealing their skin Mending their flesh stitched with a grin Perfect victim no denying No enjoyment? I'd be lying Disgust Disguise Wearing the face of deception Stitching mending misconception Modern man can't face rejection Lies
the foundation is crumbling i have nowhere to stand immune to no one was this part of your plan? not a word was spoken you've said so much you're going nowhere let go of your crutch revel in the darkness you despise lightning strikes, twice ignore the pain behind your eyes in feverous plight on my hands and knees bathe in purgatory a call; reply without a whimper nor cry my light that never goes out has all but lost its flame flailing limbs losing faith


released September 20, 2015

Songs of Lament

Tyler Coburn: drums, vocals
Shibby Poole: guitar, vocals
Kayhan Vaziri: bass, vocals

All music and lyrics by Yautja
Recorded and mixed by Mikey Allred at Dark Arts Audio
Mastered by James Plotkin
Art, layout, and design by Anderson Cook

Thanks to:
Tim Harwich and Forcefield Records, Mikey Allred, Caleb Gregory, Anderson Cook and Tapes Of A Neon God, Bo Orr, Garrett Smith, Caleb and Shannon Collins, Cole Crick, Kevin Wright, Oz and Rupert Allred, Ross Winchel and Merch Kitchen, Jonathan Dick, Fred Pessaro and listeners like you.

Thanks and listen to:
Much Worse, Primitive Man, The Great Sabatini, Kal Marks, Idle Bloom, Kowloon Walled City, Act Of Impalement, Cove, Black Breath, Mutilation Rites, Kilgore Trout, Theories, No Brainer, Maruta, Haunter, Gross, Neat Freak, Thou, False Punk, Nunhex, Cloud Rat, Greber, HIRS, Cult Leader, Eyehategod, Fórn, Inter Arma, Men's Room, Pyrrhon, Psalm Zero, D.O.C., Genocide Pact, Sloths, Passage Between, Rapturous Grief, Ex-Breathers, Gnarwhal, Jail Solidarity, Rusty Shackleford, Sallow, Alraune, Legion (AL), Null, Chainshot, My Dad, Weekend Nachos, Circle Takes The Square, Pinecones, Holly Hunt, Dead Mothers, Watcher, Geryon.



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