by The Catalyst

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The Catalyst - "Voyager" 12" LP - out 09/04/12 on Forcefield Records



released September 4, 2012

The Catalyst

recorded at Sound of Music in Richmond, VA with Bryan Walthall
mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Forcefield Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: (the Final Voyage of the) Spaceship Catalyst

Can't you hear that creaking? That creeping death shrieks out into vast, black emptiness. I swear, I hear something. We're suiting up. Pressure medicine takes hold. Cast out into the vacuum again. It reaches on and on, containing dangers and perils unknown. Sound off. We await your report. Can you read me? “I can see the source, control. I've reached the outer hull. It seems we left some kind of vapor trail behind. No... It's a cloud.” Let's get you back inside. Let's turn this boat around. So, this is how it ends. Long night. Nine lives. Hive mind. I try to curse, forgot how to speak. Trillions of tiny machines, I bring them back with me. Woe. Spaceship Catalyst heads home, a sonic wave in a stellar void of only dust and light. On board: Nine passengers (nine healthy hosts) and a strange stowaway they don't know. Can't you hear me? I can't hear you.
Track Name: King of Swords

Speaking in tongues, he says “the throne is mine”. He froths at the mouth. Time lurches on, the questions just linger there. Submission hangs. Scalds. Burns. Beneath thick plastic sheets, fluorescent lights strobe, pulse. He wanders off to the deepest sleep. Eight sets of eyes, they wonder why. Wonder why. I fall, I fall farther and farther from you. Reach out in every direction but mine. Time lurches on and you stand still. I lost you. The shroud covers us all. The king is dead. Long live the king, king of swords.
Track Name: Square Waves

So it goes. Bow down, behold the glory of the cloud. We're alone, but we're not alone. We're haunted by this sound. Breathed them in, absorbed them through our skin. Now, we are one. Born without sin again. Seven times seven. They're here, in here, right now. It makes us whole. It drags us down. I'm listening, but I'm not really hearing anything. Born without sin again. Seven times seven. Infected are jettisoned. See if they fly. They're here. In here. Right now.
Track Name: Occult Blood

Woke you from the soundest sleep, promised not to hurt you. Stole you in the dead of night, promised not to hurt you. We built a little fire and let it burn. We never hesitate, you never learn. Never remember. Keep us alive. Pain is progress, that dreadful symmetry. By god, what have we done? Six. Six. It is what it is. Run. Run. I'll bisect you. I'll cut you into twain. Woke you from the soundest sleep, promised not to hurt you. I lied. I lied. I told you what you needed to hear. You should cover your eyes.
Track Name: Septagon

Wake up in the infirmary. Patience, it's almost time. Waiting is the worst part of it. This is not life, this is waiting to die. Sterile gloves slip on fingers, a bead of red drips past my eyes. Taking a cocktail of sedatives. Once, we were legion, but now we are five. If I wake up, don't scream, don't run. Just remain calm, walk back outside. This isn't me, it's them. It's them. Today is a good day to die. We'll never leave. Bodies burst into flames. All this, for what? Born under the blackest stars.
Track Name: Jupiter Brain

You talk too much, you fuck. You're wasting air, and carbs, and time. Oxygen leaks left and right. There isn't time. There isn't time. There isn't time. Now, hammers come down on rusty nails, pushed in. No solutions. Reach for aggression. A resolution: Four hands raise. I will destroy, destroy you all. Drink your blood. I drew a line, what's mine is mine. I will destroy, destroy you all. Try me. Unhand me. Such treachery. You can't kill me. Lo, there is a voice which speaks only to me. Now I know, I know why.
Track Name: Breathers

Three more breathers, drawing straws. I can't look at mine. Narrowed down, ruled out. Three more breathers, with third eyes scanning stainless floors. Opened wide, no tongues. Three more breathers. Heads roll. Heads roll. Heads roll. Heads roll. Drowning in the silence. Drowning in the irony. Drowning in the red lights. Drowning in the sunrise. It's too quiet, I hear that pin drop. You won't listen, you won't hear ever again. Never again.
Track Name: Big Bend

If it's part of me, in my head, I won't. Can't lie. Then they've won. Fix me. Do it. Two heads. Big bend. If it's one of us, then it's you, not me. Can't be. I don't know you. Now we're left pondering our humanity. Wandered into the gray. Doubt, anxiety, second guessing. Now there's only one way. You've distracted me. You've distracted me. Changed trajectory. Changed trajectory. Flying into the sun. Icarus, spread your wings. Take flight. Goodbye. I was born in a cage which I never truly left. But now, I'm praying for just one last escape. Big bend.
Track Name: Open High

Panicking, running out of time. Rodents run in a wheel that spins around and round. Caving in, claustrophobia. Gravity draws me slowly in. Feel the jaws closing on my neck. Oh, it's so very hot, so very hot in here. Not one regret, no want, no need. Reach out my arms and I embrace my yellow queen. Sky opens high and swallows me whole.
Track Name: Voyager

If I ever see the earth again, I don't know whether I should kiss or curse the ground below. If this ever was my home, it's not anymore. All those binds have all been cut. So what? So what? So what? And as it takes hold, all I see turns red. Hands of flesh and bone feel like rocks instead. And as the spades dig in, breaking her back and piercing her skin, you know you should hear screaming but instead you hear nothing. Voyager, you're too late. Eyes become pinholes trained on LCD. Counts down. Zero.